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The Purpose of Gift Giving

The Paradise Blog - The Purpose of Gift GivingThe purpose of gift giving is to celebrate the person that the gift is in honor of; to adore them for the occasion at hand, like their birthday or anniversary. But – there’s an even Greater Gift with a greater purpose that surpasses any main event that’s going on. I’m not sure if I would be able to find a single individual that would go through the amazing moments of bearing a child, and birthing that child into the world, only to offer that very child for someone else’s life. Who could do such a thing?! Become the mother or father of a bouncing baby, with perfect little hands and feet, and only wishing the best for that child’s life, to know that their life will end briefly for a greater purpose. What greater purpose could there be – other than to watch them grow and become all they wished to be in life?

As a mother, that would hurt my heart to the core to know beforehand that my child will lose their life at an early age; I just don’t know if I would be so willing… You and I – We were created with purpose; with a destiny attached and woven in to every fabric of our being. We were fashioned after our Heavenly Father, Who knew we needed His help to survive and live in eternity with Him. God knew that our lives needed to be rescued; He knew beforehand that if He didn’t create a plan for our lives to be saved from death, there would be no hope for our survival. We are in fact – His babies. What a perfect plan, what an awesome plan – to send His Son Whom He would , but also to gain our lives through our and in this Greater Purpose. This is a plan and purpose beyond any plan that has ever existed.

It’s the most selfless plan that I’ve ever heard of. God already made provision to help bridge the gap of what we can’t personally see. I have a seed of faith within me that God has given me since the beginning of time, that is able to grasp onto what I’m not able to personally prove, but I KNOW it is true, and real. So even though I can’t fathom giving up my child for someone else’s life, I grasp the saving knowledge of Jesus. I KNOW without a doubt that because I , God has given me power and strength over this present world and its struggles. I am able to proclaim my faith because God will remind me of His purpose and His love for me.

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